Cosmic Samurai

I am a cosmic samurai, traveling on the wave of the Universe.  I belong to no one, writing my manifesto as I go.  I am caught between confusion & clarity, yesterday & tomorrow, and the in & the out.  I am someplace between here & there, rational & irrational, and lost & found.

I began searching for answers to questions I did not know, not knowing how foolish that was.  There were many things I learned that I did not need & many things I needed that I had not learned.  So I stopped, burnt all my books, tossed all my notes, & cleared my head.

I am now on a road that I chose for myself.  There are ups & downs, and bumps & bruises – I persevere on.  I have not gained enlightenment nor pretend to be close.  Yet, when asked if I found my purpose, I answer yes – I found my calling.

On my journey I met others whom I will forever keep close to my heart.  Like Whitman, I see God in the faces of those I meet.  Learning from each experience, I carry away a piece of the other in my soul – forever transformed. 

At times I feel the weight of the world upon my shoulders.  I stop & let go.  I speak of unattachment, but I am still anchored – anchored in symbols of status, money & career.  If I don’t let go of them soon, they will drown me. 

In my life I have loved & I have lost.  My heart has bled a hundred times, yet I continue to breathe.  I have cried a thousand tears, yet I continue to reach out.  I remember all their names.  When I close my eyes, I can see their faces & feel their touch.  I call them my teachers.

As the thirty-three bells ring out, I set out upon the ancient dusty trail.  I am drawn to symbol & Truth. In my journey, I pray my eyes continue to gaze upon the world, my soul continues to see its beauty, and my heart remains open to feel the love. I know now that I am the falcon – and the storm – and the great song. 



Buddha’s eyes
Watching all four directions

There I stand
In the middle of the pasture

I am not lost
I just cannot remember where I am

Eyes closed
I see the ten thousand before me

I feel Wind entering the back of my neck
Qi sinks downward

Kundalini rises up the shushmana 

as I breathe in

Prana and apara meet, igniting the flame

Never stopping before just to listen
I’ve only heard words

Wind is the pulse of the Universe
Carrying Truth on each gust

I breathe out
My feet root into Gaia

Eyes open
The ten thousand merge into one

I feel the forest around me
My rhythm matches that of the 

cricket and frog

My heart becomes light
I am grounded firmly

Confusion leaves me
I am left only with peace.


 Here Now

Brother, walk with me for awhile.  We’ve walked this path before.  Here we are now on a new journey. I’ve seen your face a thousand times, but each time it looks different. 

I know it’s you. When you are near my heart is calm, all the world seems right, and I begin to remember. 

I was Tiberius Claudius Atticus Herodes.
I built the stadium at Delphi and the 

Odeon in Athens.
I am here now.

I was a great Indian Chief.
I loved my people and worked for 

a peaceful life.
I am here now.

I was an explorer of the new America.
I lived in the mountains and off of the land.
I am here now.

I was a noble knight.
I served honorably and protected the innocent.
I am here now.

I cannot remember all that was before me.
I only see glimpses in my dreams and in my actions today.

When I am still, I can feel the power of the lives before me say,
You are here now.


 A Prayer

 You are a Child of God,
You are a Child of Light.
You are Pure Potential.

You are All that has ever been,
All that is,
And All that will ever be.

You are the Past, the Present, the Future,
You are the Alpha and the Omega,
You are the Beginning and the End.

You are the Eternal Moment.

You are the Jewel in the lotus,
You are the Beautiful unfolding,
You are loved,
You ARE Love.

The Buddha opens His eyes,
The Buddha closes His eyes.



The mountains call my name.
The river whispers secrets that the wind carries.
The trees translate.


A Haiku for the Future

Priests will wear no collar
Monks will have no beads
Loons call out of the night